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Sucuk nasıl yapılır?

1. As soon as you make the amount to be so much to eat, sausage mixture, known as the protector of the market of food chemicals, such as e-320-322 equivalent "vitamin c can use". Have all spice. Only 1 g to 1 kg.
2. Job ended sausage rings after washing, to prevent the formation of bacteria through plenty of water with vinegar.
3. Estimated drying lasts 3-4 days and then (before you put the refrigerator) rings outside of the olive oil and wipe it with a cloth. Not exaggerated, but there will never be too thin. This process adds a halkalarımıza halkalarımızın aesthetic appearance, except for the relatively prevent the possible growth of mold.
4. After all this trouble for a while and looked at one was the formation of mold, which are kept outside the rings. (Especially in the back rest of the things in the bag that stink cupboard) Do not worry, sucuğunuz failed. Washing again, again with vinegar water, having a. Havalandırıyoruz hang one day. Relatively to the air can still put in the closet. (Dipfiriz or freezer exact solution)
5. 1 meter is ready for 1kg intestines, but usually wrong. In recent years, the country imported 1.5 kg because it is thicker width of the ready-to 1mt Take the intestines. Unable to maintain residue breaks down. Whether the remaining amount is not enough bowel during filling freezer bag toss rolls. Before you consume it.
6. Used in air-permeable natural feature of the intestines. On the contrary, absolutely impenetrable to dry quickly while maintaining the filling or if the consumption drilled first. Otherwise, he spots the bacteria (mold) formation point.
7. Sometimes I put a little salt in the meat will keep in mind. However, the sausage dries the weight falls between 10-15% on average. That's why I pay attention to taste salt setting.

Let's talk about the size of spice. Some weights are writing intermittently. You apply the lower limit of the amount according to your own taste and meat seasoning made each year arttırabilirsiniz.Benim measure up to the upper limit of the following ...:

1 kg. for sausage meat:

Garlic-15-20gr. (Always in the mood with a little salt Beat)
Red pepper-15-20gr. (Bitter-sweet ratio is up to you)
Pepper-4-5gr. (Also note that those who do not suffer bitterness feature)
The new spring-1gr. (I've heard a few people did not like as a spice.)
0.5 g of cinnamon powder.
Clove powder-0.5 g.
Coriander powder-2gr.
1 g of vitamin C powder.
Soy flour-15-20gr. (Not necessarily up to pleasure)
Salt-15-20gr. (Will not be refined. Absolutely natural rock salt or sea salt. Garlic salt using a mortar or included to the beat.)

-As you know the fat sausage meat must be prepared for. There is also a trick on this point. Meant leaving residue oil seeps back, all will be fat-soluble. Fat cattle to be used as part of the "shirt oil" or "domestic oil" so-called, flat and thin like cardboard in the abdominal section. So fat surrounding internal organs. (Not at all in the nerve and blood vessel.) Sheep shirt, again with oil, grease (not koyunlarınki thin-tailed) Price as here (Balikesir) Let the sampling. £ 13, while the normal low-fat ground beef sold from £ sadakatçılarda shirts oil 2.

-Recalls have benefits. In fact, sausages, meat parts that are difficult to assess, a kind of animal. The ideal ribs stand out from the meat of the region. (Not in that area at all nervous and vascular.) Attention is already making minced meat butchers sell meat from this region. Sıyrılanlar animal is Bovine meat can be added to the neck. Rate of 20% in the "malak meat" or "buffalo meat" say, but hard to find. (Opium sucuklarının aka malak meat stems from the usual off.) If Opportunity can also create 20% of mutton.

How to set-fat naturally he will be solved with a little trial and error method. Sıyırdığımız rib meat is fed beast is already quite fatty. 10 kg. / 1 kg. shirts oil may be sufficient. Aslonan pişmesidir in its own fat bologna in a pan. Bring the mixture into balls a little meat on the bottom of the track 2-3 koyacaz thin oil into the pan with teflon And drive work ok if you do not have enough oil in their shirt-soluble oil can add than 1-2 kg depending on the situation.

-Spice powder ourselves at home, let's get as many possible. Especially at home the moment of black pepper and cumin give the perfect scent. Most of the shelf waiting for the market, resulting in a ready-selling scent and become lost nefasetlerini. Not to mention the spice powder while making ready to fraud. Very nice and small electrical appliances sold in the market for spices available.

-Fenugreek is actually the most basic flavor of bologna, ie, that nefaset spice. The original recipe slightly higher than the amount of fenugreek. Fenugreek alone stay in the body very long. During this time, kokutuyor body. In addition, the excreted through sweat next to other people's need to boggle. Than the amount of years I've done, so I dropped the first.